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Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative

GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page, the best EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative

Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative for consent management | GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page

Short time after we started GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page, many people asked the question: “What’s the difference between GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page and EU Cookie Bar GDPR?” So in this whitepaper we shall explain how GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page compares to EU Cookie Bar GDPR by Booster Apps in terms of platform features, pricing and compliance with the cookie laws and GDPR.

Let’s first take a look at what both have in common. Both GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page and EU Cookie Bar GDPR aim to make a Shopify store a better and more friendly place where visitors know exactly how their data is being used and how they are tracked. Especially for the GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page to let merchants know what consent their visitors have given and whether they have given explicit ‘consent’ to be tracked or not. The GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page  app also tries to make it easier for marketers and merchants who need their tracking tools to be compliant but still acquire useful and accurate data. The entry point for both apps in a Shopify store is the well known cookie banner.

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And what are the differences between GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page and EU Cookie Bar GDPR?

Both platforms have the same goal, however the ways the platforms work are kind of different. For example, let’s take a look at how identification of your third-party tracking script works and how we use that data to generate a consent banner.

Server location and documented consent

Current legislation requires documentation of the consent and the capability of providing evidence of consent. It is therefore important not to save consent on the client side, but on the server side. And the data in which consents are stored should also be on servers that are physically located on EU soil. The CMP for cookies should also offer the option of saving consent data on the client side. The app GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page, as a Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative, saves consent in European data centers.

Granting and revoking consent | Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative

The online user should be able to give his consent clearly and freely. Both options, accept and reject, should be clearly offered in the store. Cookie walls that prevent the user from interacting with the store before consent has been given are also not compliant. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page as a Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative aims to make this process as smooth and transparent as possible.

Agile and flexible

The landscape of data protection laws is constantly changing. So whenever there is a ruling by the data protection authority that affects the rules for loading tags and scripts, the CMP should be able to quickly redesign the functionality of the platform. The Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative, GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page has proven to be very agile and flexible in terms of adapting to new regulations and judgments by authorities.

Theme independency

An important factor when you build a store is to test several themes and apps while you are building your business online. Having applications that run independently of the theme is something very important for the stability of your store. Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR stores the javascript file, that makes the cookie banner load on the store, inside the theme’s assets folder which means that if you switch a theme on your store then the app will stop working. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page loads from the Amazon CloudFront which is a fast content delivery network (CDN) service and thus it will continue to work even if you switch themes on your store. The same happens with app uninstall. When Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR is uninstalled, the script that was added on your store theme remains in the assets folder and you need to remove it manually or it will keep loading on the storefront. On the other side, GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page that loads the scripts remotely by using the officially proposed script tags is being removed automatically after the uninstall.

Cookie Consent banner

GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page and Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR both provide a cookie banner for Shopify stores but only GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page scans the store for first & third-party cookies. These cookies are then grouped in five categories (Necessary, Functionality, Performance, Targeting and Unclassified). Every month your website is being scanned and your cookie manager is being updated.

GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page, the Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative

The GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page platform also has periodic scanning and automatic updating, but gives you a lot more flexibility and control over you first & third-party cookies and to which category they belong to. In the GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page cookies dashboard you can add and categorize all your cookies, for example: Analytics, Live Chat, Advertising, Research, Monitoring and more… All this information can be easily become accessible to your store visitors. We also  integrate a lot of third-party tools you’re using such as Google analytics, Facebook pixel, Rakuten ads and others. Within the GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page dashboard you can simply add or remove first & third-party cookies, and when you ‘Save’ all info and settings are updated on the consent banner of the store.

Asking for cookie consent

EU Cookie Bar GDPR offers only one way to ask for cookie consent:
  • just showing visitors an informative cookie banner with Ok confirmation
It is important to know is that this solution is not GDPR compliant. Why is that? It’s because according to the GDPR legislation, the store has to clearly mention the specific purpose of asking consent and you also have to provide a granular opt-in for every third-party cookie without any pre-ticked boxes. This is why the GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page consent system asks for separate consent for the different purposes. It will also make you as transparent as possible as to how the store uses any third-party cookies. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page offers 5 different ways to ask for cookie consent:
  1. just showing visitors informative cookie banner with a Dismiss button
  2. showing an opt-out for all cookies
  3. showing an opt-in for all cookies
  4. showing an opt-in and an opt-out button
  5. showing a custom multi-level opt-in / opt-out options per cookie category with additional opt-in and opt-out for all cookies
It is important to know is that 3-4-5 options are strict and 1-2 are loose

Managing your first & third-party cookies

Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR has no repository or cookie descriptions of first & third-party cookies. In order to be GDPR compliant you need EU Cookie Bar GDPR to prevent first & third-party cookies from loading before consent is given. EU Cookie Bar GDPR does not support this at all so you require to manually code to do this but again you cannot get the consent in a code level. Your store needs extensive customization and configuration to make conditionally loading of third-party possible, if user gives consent. Let’s compare it to GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page works with special integration possibilities for the most common third-party cookies as well as it has a cookie repository of all first party cookies that Shopify uses. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page lets you manage your first & third-party cookies. In the GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page dashboard, you can add your cookies and adjust their settings without writing a single piece of code. In just 2 clicks you can require a user to give consent before loading Google Analytics script. You can see for yourself how we do it. Install it on your store now.

Language support

EU Cookie Bar GDPR does not support different languages or translations. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page supports all European languages at this moment. We keep adding new languages every month. Our Cookie banners and modals do support these languages and we provide automated translation to them.


Just as Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR, GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page maintains a free plan apart from the paid subscriptions. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page’s pricing model is just based on the level of customization and automation you want to have in your cookie management and of course the level of support you can get. There is no pricing model behind Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR which turns to make support unstable, something that happens with most free apps. Running a business needs stability and a more robust option. For sure there is plenty of space to try free apps but you always need to be careful how these apps are not affecting your theme files and your store loading time. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page’s pricing model is based just on the level of customization to your cookie consent banner and ePrivacy page as long as the support and the integrations that you need.

Did we mention design yet?

Most cookie management tools with our extensive possibilities generate a relatively standard cookie banner or modal. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page lets you customize the design or your cookie banner and cookie consent modal to best fit your branding. No more ugly cookie banner, but GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page offers your something that matches the design of your store.

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So, what makes GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page a better Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR Alternative?

Both GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page and Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR enable your visitors to give or withdraw cookie consent with the use of a cookie banner. Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR is not controlling cookies and is just an informative cookie banner. With GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page you have a complete solution about managing your store cookies based on consent. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page makes it easy for you to be compliant with the GDPR and cookie laws. Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR’s is not providing any declaration, and you don’t have any control over it. It just informs visitors about your policy. However, this is not really transparent for your visitors because they get false impression that by clicking OK the store is using this consent to control the cookies. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page allows you to scan or modify your cookies list and you can group them in categories based on their purpose. The GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page platform gives you a perfect overview of all kinds of cookies you are using on your store and makes it clear to your visitors. If you want to track your consents and you want to be easily compliant with the GDPR without high costs, GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page offers the best deal. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page is the first real Booster EU Cookie Bar GDPR alternative!
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