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GDPR Compliance Center

All your stores cookie consents and script blocking managed under one app and plus all data subject requests fulfilment! Our app takes care all of the work and makes it easy for you to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requirements.

Cookie Consent Bar

Display a cookie banner asking for visitors/customers for consent for the policy about cookies on your store. Fully configurable, position, types, colors, buttons, texts, etc.

Data Subject Requests

The DSR widget can be added on any page. From here visitors/customers can make their Data Subject Requests and revoke their consent.

Consents & Requests

Cookie consent & data subject requests management with statistics and reporting. Custom email notifications to you and your customers making DSR fulfilment automatically.


Banner activation for EU and/or CA visitors only. Available in all EU languages with translations support. Integration with external translation apps through the app's JS API support.
GDPR/CCPA compliance for Shopify

About GDPR Compliance Center

Shopify Stores that are located in the EU/EEA/California or sell products and services to countries in the EU/EEA or California they need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations respectively. Our application provides a complete solution for this need and is also compatible with Shopify’s Cookies and customer tracking. First, provides the cookie banner and second the ePrivacy page for cookie consent management & data subject requests.

Free Privacy Policy generator by Shopify

One you and your customers can count on. If you’re not a lawyer, creating a privacy policy to protect your company and customers can be a serious headache.


Sure thing! We provide a settings page where you can select the text, the position and the colors of your banner and then preview the banner inside the app. If you like it you can enable the banner from the dashboard page and make it available on your store.

By using Geo-Location services the application may detect the country of your store's visitors. Thus, if you enable the option, the banner will appear only to visitors from a country within European Union.

If this option is selected then a very distinctive small banner link will appear in the same location with the actual banner. This small banner link gives the option to the visitor that has already consented to open again the banner and make it visible.

This option makes this small banner link to be very small and distinctive. If is not selected then this small banner remains sticky with it's message text.

When a visitor clicks the "more info" link he should be redirected to your privacy policy page that presents your store's cookie privacy. This means that you need to create a page with that content. In case you haven't this option you can use an external page for this purpose.

The consent text is the message that the banner is presenting. Is the first thing the visitor will read inside the banner. The message should be short and at the same time clear.

After the button there is a link that gives to the visitor a link to access your privacy policy page and read in detail the privacy policy of your store.

The position of the banner is where you want the banner to appear when a visitor access your store. The most common position is the bottom position. Each position option is very clear and can be checked by previewing the banner

In the settings page you have access to a list of different layouts. These layouts give a different look and feel of the banner elements. Each of the layouts differentiate the spacing, the padding and the border radius of the text, button and the banner it self.

Normally the banner will display correctly. There are cases however that other elements on the page, e.x. banners or popups from other applications are placed on top of the Cookie Consent Banner. In these situations, please use a higher button for the z-index setting to place the banner on top of these elements and make it fully visible to your customers.

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