What are the GDPR privacy policy requirements?

Article 12 of the GDPR requires that you communicate information about your processing of personal data in a way that is:

  • concise
  • transparent
  • in clear and plain language
  • intelligible
  • easily accessible
  • free of charge

In general, most privacy laws require you to inform your users about the following:

  • name (or business name), location, and contact information
  • what information you’re collecting from them (including names, email addresses, IP addresses, and any other information)
  • what methods you are using to collect their information, e.g. cookies
  • the purpose for collecting this information
  • how you’re keeping their information safe
  • whether or not it’s optional for them to share that information, how they can opt-out, and the consequences of doing so
  • any third-party services you’re using to collect, process, or store that information (such as an e-mail newsletter service, or advertising network)

You must be mindful of getting all of the relevant and required information about your store into your GDPR privacy policy.

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