Cookie Consent Guide

Having a store in Shopify means that it uses cookies or other storage technologies to offer visitors a better user experience, understand what kinds of visitors use your service. In many instances, you are required to obtain consent from people before using these technologies.

This page helps you find resources and tools that may help you meet consent requirements.

We recommend that you conduct your own research about consent requirements and talk to a lawyer about what’s best for your store. Keep in mind that laws and guidance relating to the use of cookies and online collection of information vary by region and continue to evolve.

About Consent

European data protection regulators have published guidance for online publishers about obtaining consent before using cookies or other storage technologies to collect information about the people who visit their sites or use their apps. Outside of the EU, other laws and rules may require you to provide notice and obtain consent to collect and use data from your site or app.

The EU guidance outlines four main requirements for consent:

  1. Specific and based on appropriate information
  2. Given before using cookies or other storage technology to collect information
  3. Unambiguous
  4. Freely given

The publisher in your case is your business (your store).

Asking for Consent

There are many different ways for publishers to obtain consent. Common approaches:

  • Displaying a prominent message when a page loads for the first time (this is usually called a “cookie banner”) and informing users what action to take to consent
  • Obtain consent from users during a registration flow (where users have to create an account and accept terms before using the website or app)

This job is done by our application and you don’t need to care of the details.

Some uses of cookies are exempt from consent requirements. Read European regulator’s guidance on exemptions here.