How to add emoji icons to your banner

Add emojis to your GDPR/CCPA banner together with the content you want to have a little fun. This way you can add some humor and increase engagement 🥳

You can add the emojis by adding the appropriate dec or hex code. You can find a complete list with their dec & hex codes here. Please avoid the copy and paste of emojis that you find on the web because most the times their code is not valid and you may see “?” in stead of them in the banner. 

How To Insert Emojis

First of all access your GDPR/CCPA app and navigate to the Settings > Banner > Content area. On another tab of your browser visit the emojis reference page by w3schools and find the emoji you wish to add to your banner. Each emoji has a dec and hex code. Copy the one of the two codes from the reference page and then go the the GDPR/CCPA application page of your Shopify store and find the content field where you want to add the emoji.

  1. Place your cursor in your field text, where you want to add the emoji
  2. Paste the code
  3. If it is a dec code add before the code &# and ; after the code. So for example for the dec code: 128591 you will fill in 🙏
  4. if it is a hex code add before the code &#x and ; after the code. So for example for the hex code: 1F64F you will fill in 🙏
Example of how to add the emoji to the Accept button text.
Example of the banner result and how the Accept button will look like.

Why Do My Emojis Look Different?

Remember that each platform will display emojis slightly differently, and some older platforms may not be able to show all emojis.

Example of how some emojis are looking between different platforms.

Use the official Unicode cheat sheet for how emojis are displayed on Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and different phones etc!