The application is not working, what can I do?

This article will help you make some quick checks on your store to find out why the application is not working for you. Please follow the next steps to check some of the basic settings of the application. These are common mistakes that anyone can make but it’s very easy to be fixed.

Check #1

Check that the “Personal Data Rights Page” and/or the “Cookie Consent Banner” are enabled. If not please enable the one you need.

Check #2

Check if you have selected to be visible only to European Union customers. If it is checked and you are not visiting the store from inside EU then you will not be able to see the personal data page and/or the cookie banner. If you are outside EU you either have to make it visible to all customers or visit the store with the use of any vpn tool/service that will give you an EU ip address. 

Check #3

For the “Cookie Consent Banner” check if you have already consented and that’s why the banner is not visible to you. To make it become visible again please clear the cookies from your browser.

For the “Personal Data Rights Page” check your settings or if you have a custom theme ensure that the page is visible to any menu of your store.

Check #4

If you have checked all the previous and still have problem please send us a message from the contact form inside the application or drop us a line at to provide you further support.