Setting up feed

Go to settings.

On this page you will next blocks:


You can select the appropriate field mapping where:

– Unique ID – which is the unique indentifier you want to map for your products. This can be either your or the variant.sku or the variant.barcode.

– MPN/ISBN – which is by default the variant.SKU.

– EAN/Barcode – which is by default the variant.barcode.


Here you have to select the default shipping availability fro your feed and whether you want to track inventory. If you want to track inventory you will need to specify the minimum quantity to consider a product as available and then if you want to include out of stock items of not.

Shipping cost

For shipping cost you can add a flat price for the shipping of your store.


Apply the filters you want in cases where you want to limit the number of products provided to your feed. There are two sections here:

– Include Products – you can easily include specific products on your feed based on product type, vendor and collection of your store.

– Exclude Products – you can define τηε corresponding filters in order to exclude products from the feed.