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SoftOne Bridge

The SoftOne Bridge is a complete solution that will connect dynamically your Shopify Store with your SoftOne ERP and synchronize the warehouse, orders and customers between the systems.

Data Syncronization

With our application you are able to manage your catalog from the ERP side and automatically update your store at once without extra work. Also when an order is being made on your store, your softone erp gets the order and customer data instantly.

Data Monitoring

The application is giving you insights about issues such as pending data that have not synchronised yet or data that cannot be synchronised. This way you can easily resolve the issues and have an idea of what is happening with the bridge.


Your company now gets rid of the need to maintain both the online store and your SoftOne ERP, since this process is done automatically through SoftOne itself. Its operation is very fast, easy, and parallel to all other tasks.

Exclusive Support

Your store's products are updated in real time to our application and your feed is generated very fast every 30-60 minutes in order to be available for the Skroutz Bot Services to fetch it.
Automate your e-commerce flow

About SoftOne Bridge

SoftOne is one of the largest Greek companies providing ERP software to businesses. Our application is connecting your shopify store with SoftOne erp solution in order to automate the processes of your store. This connection includes synchronization of orders, customers and products.

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